Flange Nuts

A nut is a sort of fastener that uses a threaded hole. Nuts are generally used in conjunction with a mating bolt to tighten two or more parts together. The thread’s friction helps in keeping the two bolts together. The stretching and compression of these parts are done to make sure they are held together.

Why Use Flanged Fasteners?

In recent times, most people are inclining towards the use of flange-headed bolts and nuts. Most of the OEMs and other industries are using flange bolts in Sydney because washers are generally used to provide protection to the joint surface from damage when the tightening process is going on. Moreover, it also distributes the load in the inner part of the bolt head and nut. The pressure applied to the under part of the standard hexagon-headed nut causes the indentation in the standard strength steel surfaces.

Since the standard washers are softer as compared to nuts and bolts they can plastically deform under high-pressure stress which they should withstand. To counteract this indentation issue, the specially hardened washers are brought into use, but these washers aren’t available off the shelf.

Flange Headed Bolt With Plain Bearing Surface

The standard hex-headed bolts having a flanged surface allows the bolts to tighten up completely while they are in direct contact with a low-strength joint material like aluminium. The serrated head prevents the bolt from loosening by itself. The serrations function better, the joint material hardness should be less than that of the bolt. This enables the serrations to fix properly into the surface. Furthermore, these aren’t suitable for applications that need the joint surface to remain smooth.

Bolts In Australia

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