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Car Clip Supplier specializes in providing a wide range of car clips, trim clips, plastic clips, automotive clips, auto clips and various automotive fasteners for all makes and models such as Toyota, Ford, Subaru, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Isuzu, BMW, Holden, and Mitsubishi within the automotive industry. Our product includes scrivets, rivets, trim clips, panel clips, grommet screws, exterior molding clips, door trim clips, Christmas tree clips, bolts, screws, sump plug washers, and more!

Car Clip Suppliers is an Australian-owned company that produces car clips, trim clips, panel clips, plastic clips, and automotive clips made from premium quality materials. We are committed to delivering superior products and refuse to compromise quality by offering low-grade, inferior, or cheaper parts. Our reputation is built on a foundation of excellence.

Car Clip Supplier remains cost-effective by manufacturing in bulk quantities. We continually source and update our product inventory from premium-quality manufacturers. Feel free to inquire if you need help finding the specific car clips, trim clips, or automotive clips you need. We are a company that manufactures our car clips, trim clips, and automotive fasteners.

Australian deliveries flat rate of only $9.95 per order on scrivets, rivets, panel clips, Grommet screws, exterior moulding clips, door trim clips, Christmas tree clips, bolts, screws, washers. Overnight delivery for most areas. All advertised prices include GST.

We offer Australian deliveries at a flat rate, and our team is dedicated to providing friendly, fast, and informed service.

For assistance, please call us now at 0499001004.