Xmas Trees Clips

X-mas Tree clips, which are also more commonly called the Christmas Tree or X-mas Trees, are generally used to make the trim process convenient. They are used on softer materials. The fin design of these clips encapsulated a great range of material density. There are different types of Christmas Tree clips, and depending on the type used, the clip can be removable or non-removable. Ideally, the Apex Fasteners have Xmas Tree Clips in black nylon, natural, brown, or grey. However, most people prefer black-colored clips.

Xmas Tree Clip

The flexible ribs usually change their direction or deflect when they are forced into the hole. These clips then spring back for a secure lock that stops removal. These X-mas Tree clips are used in a wide range of materials. For instance, people prefer to use them in metal-made materials, wooden equipment, foam, rubber, and plastic in compressed and solid forms. They are also used in a big range of panel thicknesses.

**Please note colours are ONLY an example and due to photo and screen resolution may not represent the correct colour **